Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm not sure where Sept went because it just started a week ago!  I guess I have been a little occupied with scribbly stuff and a lot of travel.  But I haven't stopped thinking about it!!!  But now things are slowing down (a little) so it's time to recommit some time!  So, as of this moment I have linen for the apron dress in the dryer and linen for the under dress in the washer and the wool for the front panel still on the loom.  However, as soon as I post this I will go out and find something to put the table loom up on so I can get back into weaving this very night.

Abundant is my gratitude for Mistress Bianca issuing this challenge and for including the need to actually report on progress!  Although, as I went to wash the fabrics I had a moment of realization of just how much I do NOT know about what I'm doing!  I will not panic... I will not panic... I will not quit either.  I will ask all the questions I can think of and just keep working at it.  And breathe, I will try and remember to breathe.  Oh yeah, and I will try to get some pictures taken!