Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm not sure where Sept went because it just started a week ago!  I guess I have been a little occupied with scribbly stuff and a lot of travel.  But I haven't stopped thinking about it!!!  But now things are slowing down (a little) so it's time to recommit some time!  So, as of this moment I have linen for the apron dress in the dryer and linen for the under dress in the washer and the wool for the front panel still on the loom.  However, as soon as I post this I will go out and find something to put the table loom up on so I can get back into weaving this very night.

Abundant is my gratitude for Mistress Bianca issuing this challenge and for including the need to actually report on progress!  Although, as I went to wash the fabrics I had a moment of realization of just how much I do NOT know about what I'm doing!  I will not panic... I will not panic... I will not quit either.  I will ask all the questions I can think of and just keep working at it.  And breathe, I will try and remember to breathe.  Oh yeah, and I will try to get some pictures taken!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Ok, so just a quick update on the ACC progress.  I started weaving the cloth for the front piece out of some dark blue wool yarn I had.  I'm a little concerned about it being too thick, but since it's just for the front panel it shouldn't be TOO bad.  Many thanks to Mistress Gillianna (sp?) for the patient instruction and use of the loom!  I also acquired some green linen from my Patron (Thank Dame Varia!) for the Apron dress.  Varia also taught me finger loop braiding that I am thinking I will use for ties, etc.,   That was all in August.

For September, I have had some 1 on 1 instruction from Mistress Bianca on some very helpful hand stitches as  well as some practice with her looking on until I was comfortable! THANK YOU!!!  She also let me examine some of her Norse garb up close and personal, which was also very helpful.  I feel a BIT more confident about cutting material, which is first on my list of this for October.  For September my goal is to finish weaving the front piece so that I can return to the Loom to it's home.  And maybe make a few glass beads. :D

Pictures will be forthcoming.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taking the Plunge!

A month ago a challenge was issued to all of the Kingdom of Artemisia: Get Dressed! Ok, really, it was more like Get Sewing! But the result is a (hopefully) better dressed, more accurate populace, and with a spending cap of $100 (or $200 with a patron) hopefully at least a few dents in some "fabric stashes!" Well a fabric stash I have--I've been buying fabric since I joined the SCA with all the intentions of "some day". Thankfully I was blessed with a Pel-Laurel who took pity on me and whipped up a few things to help cover my nakedness! But the time has come to do some of my own! My first taste of dressing Norse came back at the Coronation of Konrad and Kortland, and I liked it! Enough that eventually I bartered my way into a pair of historically accurate brooches that I was VERY excited to wear.

I was thrilled!  Over the moon! But I felt a bit like Anne of Green Gables when she is nearly perfectly happy, but, due to red hair that she just cannot imagine away, she can't make the leap to perfectly happy.  That was how I felt due to my shoes!  Then I attended the Northern Collegium where (then) Countess Inga the Unfettered taught a class on Norse clothing!!! On the one hand I wanted to dig a hole and hide! I felt like I was a sitting example of all the "almost" possible! BUT, was I upset by this? No! Okay, maybe a little. But as I sat there and watched and listened to Inga's excitement and enthusiasm and the knowledge that she was freely willing to share, I was absolutely inspired! Finally I was going to be able to give in to my utter geekness for authenticity :D :D :D   I left that collegium ready to hand sew EVERYTHING, and have nalbinded socks and leather shoes etc., with plenty of grand dreams and plans.  Well, here it is nearly 9 months later and what have I done?  Not much.  I did get a shoe pattern started when I last visited Boise.  But one thing I've learned about me is that if I don't have a deadline and a reason for doing something, it doesn't get done.

Enter Mistress Bianca and her First Annual Artemisian Costuming Challenge.  Details can be found here:

I liked the idea of doing this from the first time I read about it, but was also absolutely intimidated!  As with most things, I was thinking about it but hadn't really followed up until I saw the email that had been sent out as the final call for entrants!  I read over the challenge again and was hesitant, but as I considered how I would feel if I didn't even try, I knew I had to go for it.  I realize I may not win (although I would like to have a shot at the Novice category) I will still be further ahead of where I am today as far as being dressed for the SCA the way I would like, and I knew I would always feel like I had missed out on the fun and regret not doing it.  So I took the plunge and immediately texted Kari to say I was in, and tonight sent in my formal entry info:

My vague plan is:

Layer 1 will be an under dress made from white linen (from my some-day-sewing stash).

Layer 2 will be an apron dress, hopefully of linen.

Layer 3 I want to include a front panel, which could be considered part of the "for formal wear" outer layer, or I may just count it as an extra layer and do a coat/kaftan as my warm outer layer.  The front panel might be from a piece woven for that specific purpose, or not.  The Kaftan would be from repurposed wool (old army blanket) and possibly combined with material from existing stash.

Layer 4 SHOES!!!  Absolutely I am in NEED of period shoes and this is the perfect time to make that happen!  So leather shoes are on the list.  I may also try and make the beads to go with the apron dress and possibly try my hand at a bit of copper wire woven chain.  I may even get wild and crazy and try my hand at a bit of tablet weaving for trim.  But shoes for sure.

I will be posting my progress here on the blog for the duration of the competition.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ok, so it's been apparently about forever since I actually posted anything, and I won't take the time to play catch up. I have been working like crazy on some projects for the SCA this year, and the madness simply continues with one thing after another. So I have finally asked for some help and am grateful for it! Here is the design for the beaded doobis. Size 11 beads, 00 nemo thread. The pink and blue around the edges are just to help me keep track of where I am and for counting lines. I am grateful for the chance I had to design this, and for the help of other in making the large production run work out :D