Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wyoming's Rib & Chop Shop

So tonight Aunt Barbara and I decided to catch dinner somewhere new after we hit Wal-Mart, and after driving all around Cody looking for somewhere interesting and new, we ended up at the Rib and Chop place right on main street Cody. It was interesting. It had the look of a place trying to be more upscale... although the tables were covered with butcher paper. The good news was that there were crayons on the table too, so I colored a LOT :D It looked pretty fabulous by the time we left :) Our waitress wrote her name for us backwards and we were quite impressed. The food was pretty good, and mostly reasonably priced. I had the ribs, and Barbara had the chicken-fried steak. I think I liked hers better than mine, although mine was good. The best part was the desert that Barbara got. It was a Pecan chocolate meltaway or something like that. It was YUM!!! MUCH better than my pre-packaged-then-defrosted tiny slice of cheesecake. All in all, for the food, I think I would prefer Bubba's out by Wal-Mart, which has (I think) better food and a VERY different atmosphere. Bubba's is TOTALLY down-home, rustic, country, casual, and has the yummiest Corn Bites for appetizers. Well, I was going to totally do a longer writeup, but after a long day, I'm just too tired. I would eat there again, but unless I was with someone who wanted a more upscale "feel", I would hit Bubba's instead. Over all, Wyoming's Rib & Chop Shop gets a total of 3.75 stars out of 5. Eventually I'll come up with an actual rating system for the fun new places we go to try out.

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  1. I enjoyed the Rib & Chop house when we went, but we ordered at the top of the price range (My boss paid$$$). I give the steaks a 4.5 out of 5...lol. Wait, do I get to vote on your ratings?? or only if I'm the one eating with you that day?


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