Monday, September 12, 2011


Ok, so just a quick update on the ACC progress.  I started weaving the cloth for the front piece out of some dark blue wool yarn I had.  I'm a little concerned about it being too thick, but since it's just for the front panel it shouldn't be TOO bad.  Many thanks to Mistress Gillianna (sp?) for the patient instruction and use of the loom!  I also acquired some green linen from my Patron (Thank Dame Varia!) for the Apron dress.  Varia also taught me finger loop braiding that I am thinking I will use for ties, etc.,   That was all in August.

For September, I have had some 1 on 1 instruction from Mistress Bianca on some very helpful hand stitches as  well as some practice with her looking on until I was comfortable! THANK YOU!!!  She also let me examine some of her Norse garb up close and personal, which was also very helpful.  I feel a BIT more confident about cutting material, which is first on my list of this for October.  For September my goal is to finish weaving the front piece so that I can return to the Loom to it's home.  And maybe make a few glass beads. :D

Pictures will be forthcoming.


  1. I so totally know how you feel! I was there when I started this. You have wonderful guides!!! All of those ladies have helped me get started. I love finger loop braiding...Vicaress Morgan was a wonderful teacher. Can't wait to see photos!!!


  2. Just doooo eeeeettttt. You've got brilliant instructors to help you on the way and you're a capable intelligent woman who can handle this.

    That being said: I so get it. I about panicked when I started cutting the wool for Hoggar's coat.;)


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