Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Arrived!!!

When I got back this afternoon from helping Aunt Barbara with some more online shopping for her kids and grandkids, there was a HUGE box by my front door!!! WHOOOT! So I hauled it inside, cranked up some Christmas music, and dove in! I figured that after seeing the picture of wrapped gifts Laura sent earlier it would be safe to open the shipping box. Well, the first thing I saw peeking through the packing peanuts was bits of bow, and an unwrapped set of measuring spoons! My first thought was "Oh crap! I wasn't supposed to open this yet!" But then the bits of bows registered, and I then saw that the spoons were adorably attached to a gift that said "Merry Christmas! Open this gift upon arrival. Save the rest for Christmas Day :) " Phew, what a relief! So then I noticed a Crickit cut ornament with writing on it... it was a precious note from my oldest Niece. Next I found one from my second oldest niece! (Oddly enough, both these native Arizonians mentioned it being FREEZING up here!) By this time, I am all misty! I find several other adorable cut-outs, with notes from everyone in my oldest sister's family except for their 3 youngest children, who are just too young so far :) I am thinking that I need to make a poster or something to put all the cuteness on! So then I started digging out all the rest of the gifts from the cascades of peanuts (which were JUST what I needed to hurry and get Amy's packaged packed and mailed by tomorrow!) and they are beautiful!!! So after arranging them to look cute in front of my bookcase that has a string of lights on it so I could take pictures, it was FINALLY time to get to that gift I got to open upon arrival!

After carefully opening this pre-Christmas gift, there is a roll of material, but it just didn't look like pajamas or anything, which is usually the only open-before-Christmas-morning gifts I've ever gotten. Well, tucked inside the front edge is another card with a quote at the top: The art of wearing an apron is to not only protect your clothing, but to look good while doing so! - Unknown and then a note from my oldest sister. It was great! One side has very festive holiday ornaments and the other has an awesome print full of celtic knotwork circles. VERY awesome!!! Who knows, it may just be the inspiration/motivation I need to make cookies to take out to others this year :)

THANK YOU FABIANOS for making this an awesome Christmas already!!! I am very excited for Christmas morning to dive into the next group of beautifully wrapped gifts!!!

(pictures will be posted after I get them downloaded)

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