Friday, December 25, 2009


The things I've been blessed to receive this far :)
(in order received/opened, as near as I can recall)

A reversible apron that was SO cute made by Laura

A set of cute measuring spoons attached to the apron gift :)

Some yummy-smelling "Scentsy" wax from Jen :)

A plate of the yummiest Cinnamon rolls EVER! (Thanks Bren!)

An adorable hand-carved wooden santa ornament (Again, thanks Brenda!)

Gift bag of fruit and peanuts from 2nd ward (I believe I am offically a single old woman now)

Plate of yummies from my Home Teachers

A bag of "Grandma's Carmels" from Amy (YUM!)

A "Pot Mit" that is fuzzy and thick and lined with neoprene on the working side! Yeah Fabianos!

A set of 2 kitchen towels, dark tan, with a decorate trim on the top and bottom edges that at first glance i thought "Oh, they even match my apron, cool" and then I realized that they EXACTLY matched my apron... Laura had added the cute trim herself with her fancy-stitching sewing machine! Even more awesome! (And I was starting to sense a theme)

A DIGITAL KITCHEN SCALE-BLUE!!! I actually cheered out loud when I realized that it really was what the box said it was :D SCORE!

Decided to change things up then and open the package from Mom and Poppa Bill:
Sweet card with a nice chunk of change inside, and a BEAUTIFUL calendar called "Women of the Old Testament" Illustrated by Elspeth Young. I LOVE her work!!! I will admit, I cried.

Back to the Fabulous Fabiano Adventures... A box of Oreos from Costco?? The box didn't look like it had been opened, but it seemed a bit light. Nope, it was NOT Oreos, it was a set of 6 white "Barmops" with colored stripes at the ends! NICE!

Next box, Fiber One bars from Costco. Really this time :) I guess I really am an old woman now that I would find this to be a great gift! I actually quite like them, they give a bit of a chocolate fix, and I can feel like I'm being "healthy," well, at least more healthy than eating a Snickers!

And for the Big Finish of the Laura Love, the biggest box... Filled with packing peanuts! *LOL* More wrapped gifts inside... 2 huge thick BEAUTIFUL bath sheets, a bright white and a DARK blue!

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